Misslamode titun smati kika fun itẹsiwaju oju

Misslamode titun smati kika fun itẹsiwaju oju

$ 4.99 USD $ 5.87 USD

10 sets/lot

awọn alaye

Do you feel your glue is wasted when using normal glue ring for applying eyelash extensions?

Do you feel not convenient, afriad glue falling off from normal glue ring when applying eyelash extensions?

Does your glue dry in the normal glue rings often when applying eyelash extensions?

If you have either circumstances above, you should need our new and exclusive products -- 3D smart ring with O-disk!

They are specially designed that glue will not fall off even you turn the smart ring upside down, and glue will dry extremely slow inside so that you can apply eyelash extensions for your clients carefully!

Also, there are V shape grooves that you can remove spare glue off on it so that your glue can be saved!

SOOOOO, Why are you still waiting?

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